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We curate public and private studies

from bulk tissue to single cells

Over more than a decade, we have continuously perfectioned techniques and vocabularies for the biocuration of biological experiments. Our unique collections of deeply curated and high quality transcriptomic data, combined with our high-performance but easy-to-use tools, enable global and instant analysis of the world's transcriptomic data for novel discoveries and for validation.


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We develop tools for

Global data exploration

Imagine analyzing thousands of studies simultaneously to find genes specifically related to a drug or to a disease. Or searching for conditions or diseases related to a gene signature. This - and more - can be done with ease using our tools, based on deeply structured and fully harmonized public and proprietary data.

  • High quality data

    Our meticulous curation by domain experts has created the world's most accurate compendium of expression data.
  • Flexible integration

    Seamlessly integrate our curated data and tools into your existing R&D IT infrastructure.

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Partner with us to accelerate your discovery research

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Scouting Services

We help you find relevant public gene expression datasets efficiently.

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Curation Services

Get cleaned and harmonized gene expression datasets for your research.

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Analysis Services

Benefit from the expertise of our skilled biologists and bioinformaticians.

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Innovation with broad applicability

What customers say


GENEVESTIGATOR® accelerates enormously the search of public gene expression data. I can find the information that I need in minutes and with a user-friendly interface.

Vicente Marco García González

R&D Expert Scientist, Molecular Biology at Almirall

Many of the Galapagos researchers use GENEVESTIGATOR® in everyday research to come to insights and hypotheses in disease and drug biology. The powerful API functionalities in the Enterprise edition allowed us to integrate both internal and public expression data with other datatypes and knowledge. We could create a prototype of the core components of this integration in weeks, while it would have taken months without the GENEVESTIGATOR® data and the API functionalities that were partially developed for us.

Maté Ongenaert

Senior Scientist Bioinformatics at Galapagos

GENEVESTIGATOR® is a smart and extremely helpful software. It is to some extent addictive. We started to use it two years ago and we mentioned it in each paper focused on expression data analysis or convergent genomics.

Olga Vasieva

Bioinformatician at Ingenet

The ease of use of GENEVESTIGATOR®, the quick and thorough response of its support and development team, and the power of the analyses it provides have made it an essential tool in my bioinformatics tool box.

Kirk DeLisle


I have recently tested GENEVESTIGATOR® and I am impressed by both the simplicity of it use and the power of the outcome. Not only does the program save considerable time in analysing previously published and unpublished microarrays, it allows one relatively quickly look at the expression profiles of your gene of interest, discover biomarkers and identify suitable control primer for real time qPCR.

Gregory O'Sullivan

Molecular Biologist


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