21 Jan 2021


GENEVESTIGATOR® 101: How to Analyze The World’s Plant Gene Expression Data.

Are you a plant scientist interested to explore how your genes of interest are regulated? Or you want to optimize your gene expression analysis skills and learn about essential use cases with GENEVESTIGATOR®? Or are you new to GENEVESTIGATOR®, eager to quickly learn the basics and get started efficiently? Either way, our upcoming GENEVESTIGATOR® online training is designed for you.

We will start with the basics, i.e., how to find, visualize, and analyze single experiments. Then we introduce the analysis of gene expression across multiple experiments. Finally, we will cover a selection of common use cases, e.g., identifying differentially expressed genes, finding co-expressed genes, visualizing tissue-specific expression, or checking which pathways and processes your genes are involved in.



  • Tuesday, 26 January, 3pm CET/ 9am ET/ 6am PT
  • Wednesday, 27 January, 6pm CET/ 12pm ET/ 9am PT
  • Friday, 29 January, 9am CET/ 3am ET/ 12am PT
  • Monday, 1 February, 6pm CET/ 12pm ET/ 9am PT
  • Tuesday, 2 February, 3pm CET/ 9am ET/ 6am PT
  • Thursday, 4 February, 9am CET/ 3am ET/ 12am PT

Example use cases

GENEVESTIGATOR® allows single-experiment and compendium-wide analysis for a variety of use cases. Some of the most commonly used tools and the corresponding use cases are shown below.

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