01. Our Mission

To learn from the transcriptome for improved understanding of biology and more effective identification of targets and biomarkers.

  • Supporting pharma and biotech
  • Mammalian, plants and microorganisms
  • Basic and applied research
  • Apply machine learning to biology

02. Our Approach

We develop innovative technologies for the large-scale curation, quality control, normalization, integration and global data mining.

  • The World's transcriptomic data
  • Integration of high quality data only
  • Curation by domain experts
  • Deep and enriched meta-data

03. Our Deliverables

Nebion has created the World's largest collection of deeply curated, highest quality transcriptomic data.

  • Microarrays and RNA-Seq
  • Bulk tissue and single-cell
  • Public and private data
  • State-of-the-art tools and algorithms
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