Learning from the transcriptome

Our Mission

The increased analytical resolution and growing understanding of the transcriptome opens opportunities for scientific discovery and business development. At Nebion, we strive to be best-in-class for LEARNING FROM THE TRANSCRIPTOME using advanced data analytics and AI.

  • Design a place where people like to work
  • Build a company that grows and innovates
  • Support academic and industry research
  • Contribute to health and sustainability

Our Values

As an Immunai company, Nebion aims at being a place where people share their enthusiasm, their knowledge and their vision. In short: a place where we all find purpose in what we do, fulfillment in how we do it, and happiness with who we do it.

  • Learn from each other
  • Listen, share and collaborate
  • Support each other
  • Contribute to well-being at work

Our Vision

The cell type specific transcriptome provides unique insights into how our cells work, how they drive growth, respond to disease, and restore health. As part of Immunai, we share its bold vision of discovering novel therapeutic targets and approaches.

  • Best-in-class biocuration
  • Best-in-class data integration
  • Best-in-class FAIRifiction of data
  • Best-in-class interpretation of TX data
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Management Team


Philip Zimmermann

CEO at Nebion

Stefan Bleuler

CTO at Nebion

Jana Sponarova

CSO at Nebion