We create innovative systems to extract high value information from the world's genomic data for biotechnology and personalized medicine. Our technology has already proved valuable in biomedical research and plant breeding with unique capabilities for gene and biomarker discovery, target analysis and drug repurposing.


  • Nebion's Board of Directors and the Management Team have a strong scientific record in computer science and biology.
  • The software development and biocuration teams work tightly together to build our search engine. This multi-disciplinary integration between all company teams allows us to provide expert services and experienced support to our customers.
  • Nebion strongly promotes innovation and carefully protects its intellectual property.

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Research and Innovation

CTI Innovation Projects

The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) co-funded a project in partnership with ETH. The project led to the development of novel methods for large-scale biological data integration, data curation, and to the development of ontologies. A further CTI project in partnership with several academic institutions and start-up companies is running in the field of biomarker discovery in cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

SystemsX Bridge-to-Industry Project

Nebion and ETH Zurich have partnered to develop novel methodologies for the integration and visualization of biclustering results. The project is co-funded by SystemsX.ch and Nebion. See also project page at Systems X.

European FP7 Projects

Nebion is a member of two large European research projects, one in cardiovascular disease research and the other in plant biology.

  • TransCard is an EU FP7 collaborative project to identify, prioritize and validate existing and emerging targets and novel key regulators of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism. The acronym stands for "Translating disease to cardiovascular health". As partner of this project, Nebion will use its technologies to identify novel targets and prioritize the consortium's markers, identify novel genes associated with these diseases, curate and integrate CVD-related datasets and develop specific tools. See also project website.

  • 3to4 is a large EU FP7 collaborative project to uncover mechanisms underlying important aspects of the C4 leaf and study ways to transfer C4 traits to C3 plants. As an SME, Nebion will provide expertise and services to manage the consortium's high-throughput biological data, develop novel tools and support data analysis. See also project website

Nebion Partnership Projects

Nebion conducts several additional innovative projects with various partners in the field of target identification, biomarker search, gene expression and next generation sequencing.

Technology and Business Partners

Qlucore AB
Contact person: Carl-Johan Ivarsson
Email: carl-johan.ivarsson@qlucore.com
Web: www.qlucore.com
Phone: +46 46 286 3110

Computomics GmbH
Contact person: Sebastian J. Schultheiss
Email: sebastian.schultheiss@computomics.com
Web: www.computomics.com
Phone: +46 46 286 3110
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