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Biomarker Discovery and Prioritization Services

In collaboration with Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, ETH Zurich, and several biomarker discovery companies, Nebion developed a high-performance engine for identifying and prioritizing targets and biomarkers that are highly specific for chosen diseases or conditions. This is achieved by comparing data from thousands of experimental conditions simultaneously and by including protein property data such as protein secretion, druggability and detection of these proteins in blood. Nebion assists its customers in their biomarker discovery efforts or carries out contract research at different levels of the biomarker and target discovery process.

Analysis Services

Thanks to its expertise in both biomedical and plant research, Nebion offers analysis services for a variety of research projects. Nebion's strength is on biomarker discovery and validation, and on the interpretation of experimental results.

Curation of proprietary experiments

Over the last 10 years, most pharmaceutical and biotech companies have accumulated very large collections of gene expression data. In many cases, this data is accessible only to a small group of researchers and is often heterogenously annotated. Furthermore, much of the data is stored in LIMS or file systems that are not integrated for efficient data meta-analysis. Similarly, public data has been accumulating exponentially, but most of it is not available in a format that can be easily explored for further research. There is a high benefit of integrating proprietary and public data into a common format for co-analysis. NEBION offers an excellent solution to these problems with GENEVESTIGATOR® Enterprise and its custom curation services. The result is a server-client intranet solution with user-friendly tools for the integrated analysis of proprietary and public data (currently more than 250,000 public samples).

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