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Web Architecture

  • Online - GENEVESTIGATOR® is based on web technologies. For the user, no installation is required. The analysis tool can be launched from your browser and gets the necessary data from our servers. Both the client and the server side software are written in Java which provides portability, high performance and reliability.

  • In-house Installation - everything under your control - For larger organizations or companies, GENEVESTIGATOR® Enterprise provides an in-house installation of the GENEVESTIGATOR® engine, including and the entire set of curated data. This allows integrating private expression data into the GENEVESTIGATOR® system and co-analyze it with public data sets. GENEVESTIGATOR® Enterprise facilitates a seamless integration into a company's IT environment by providing features such as an API for programmatic access to the data, customizable links from GENEVESTIGATOR® results to other resources such as Genome browsers or experiment descriptions and a possibility to link into GENEVESTIGATOR® by triggering specific views.