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High quality content - our first priority

The quality and standardization of data are absolutely essential to obtain biologically precise and meaningful results. Since 2004, ETH Zurich and Nebion have been working hard to establish data curation methodologies to capture all essential sample information and to make data comparable between different experiments.
  • Experiment annotation using ontologies - To achieve a high level of consistency and precision, Nebion developed and implemented a variety of ontologies based on publicly accepted vocabularies. All samples are annotated manually by experts using these ontologies.

  • Data quality control and normalization - Combining experiments that were done in many labs under a wide variety of conditions is not trivial. Nebion's data is quality controlled and normalized both within and between experiments, allowing to integrate all data for on-the-fly analysis.

  • Experimental conditions - the numbers count! - The number of independent experimental conditions is crucial for gene function analysis, target validation, drug repositioning and indication finding. The GENEVESTIGATOR® database currently contains the world's largest and most diverse compendium of high quality, fully curated and globally integrated microarray experiments. It covers more than 500 diseases, 17 organisms, and hundreds of genotypes and phenotypes. See the GENEVESTIGATOR® Content page for more details.