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Intuitive Tools

Biological research laboratories are facing increasingly large and complex experimental results. While many tools exist to store and analyze single gene expression experiments, very few solutions are available to easily mine thousands of experiments simultaneously. A particular focus of Nebion's activities is relating genes with biological contexts, thereby facilitating target and biomarker discovery as well as data interpretation. With GENEVESTIGATOR®, scientists can focus on their biological questions rather than on technical aspects of data analysis:
  • Data is already prepared - Users do not have to think about data pre-processing, annotation, normalization or quality control. All of this is already done by Nebion's curators (also available as a service for companies).

  • Web-based tools - Nebion technology is Web based and fully portable using Java technology. No installation is needed and the tools are accessible from anywhere. See more about our architecture.

  • Very fast results - Complete datasets from a chosen subset of experiments (e.g. 50,000 human whole-genome microarrays) are processed on-the-fly to deliver very fast results. See more about our search engine.

  • Community-driven usability - Nebion's developer team includes biologists with many years of wet-lab and clinical experience. All our tools are designed, developed and tested together with the research community.
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