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We enable the future of genomic research through precise curation
and advanced analytics of public and private studies


NEBION is both a scientific data curation and a software company. We develop products to harness the added value of transcriptomics data integration, i.e. quality controlling, processing, curating, and structuring public and private data.

Tools for Data Mining and Integration

Curated Content
GENEVESTIGATOR is a high performance search engine and visualization tool for gene expression data. It integrates thousands of manually curated, well described public microarray and RNAseq experiments and nicely visualizes gene expression across different biological contexts such as diseases, drugs, tissues, cancers, cell lines or genotypes. Reversely, it also allows finding novel targets and biomarkers highly specific for a biological context or disease.


Genevisible is a simple, browser-based visualization interface that queries the GENEVESTIGATOR database. It is mainly used to quickly verify the expression of chosen genes across tissues, cell lines, cancers or diseases.

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Curated Public Datasets

One of our core competencies is to clean up, quality control, normalize, and annotate experimental and sample descriptions of public datasets. All studies are professionally curated by PhD-level experts and fully unified using standard vocabularies and formats. Rich and verified meta-data allow customers to get more out of analyzing public data.

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We license the added value of our curation work in two forms: Learn more about our curation