Integrating the world's high quality expression data -
For more effective discovery and interpretation
We enable the future of genomic research through precise curation
and advanced analytics of public and private studies

Services and Consulting

We help industrial and academic research teams get more value out of their data by bringing them into context with high quality public data. Our services range from scouting and curation to data analysis and interpretation.

Curated Content
  • identify relevant studies from public repositories
  • quality control sample measurement data
  • annotate experiment and sample descriptions
  • integrate data across organisms and platforms
  • analyze multiple studies in parallel
  • interpret results in context of other studies
  • report significant results to customer
  • discuss and refine the analysis with customer

Scouting Services

Finding relevant public studies for a particular research question is a major challenge. Nebion has developed methodologies and tools that allow us to efficiently and precisely identify studies of interest from public repositories such as GEO, ArrayExpress, or SRA.
  • define relevant keywords for scouting
  • identify studies of interest
  • assign relevance criteria to each study
  • create lists for customers to choose from

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Curated Content

Curation Services

We help our customers assemble, structure, enrich and integrate public and private experiments.
  • Expertise in a broad range of research areas
  • Human, model organisms, plants, microorganisms
  • Quality control and data normalization
  • Verification and enrichment of meta-data
  • Export for integration with private data.
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Analysis Services and Consulting

Our main expertise is in transcriptomic data processing, analysis and interpretation. We help customers to:
  • Process raw data (e.g. from FASTQ files)
  • Run quality control of transcriptomic studies
  • Create analysis-ready curated data compendia
  • Data integration across public and private data
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting and discussion with customer
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