Genestack and NEBION collaborate

Posted 27 Jun 2019

Genestack to Integrate NEBION’s Curated Transcriptomic Data

Cambridge, UK, and Zurich, Switzerland, June 27th, 2019 - Genestack, a key player in multi-omics data management, and NEBION, a leader in transcriptomic data curation, announced today a collaboration to facilitate the integration of NEBION curated data into Genestack’s recently released data management solution, Omics Data Manager.

Omics Data Manager addresses the problems of siloed data and unclear data relationships by enabling users to manage, annotate, search and share multi-omics datasets at scale. Users can record samples, studies and linked multi-omics data, with rich metadata and relationships to capture provenance. Omics Data Manager also includes sophisticated capabilities to construct complex queries by interrogating both sample and study attributes (e.g., cell line, tissue, clinical phenotype) and multi-omics data (e.g., gene expression values, variation).

As a result of this collaboration, Genestack’s customers can now have seamless access to public transcriptomic studies that have been deeply curated and annotated by NEBION’s experts, making it easier for users to find and integrate high quality information into their workflows. Custom compendia of NEBION curated studies can be licensed and integrated into Omics Data Manager for combined analysis with internal omics data. Easily finding relevant public studies and having them instantly available in an analysis-ready format will save time and resources for bioinformatics and biology researchers alike.

“Researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry increasingly complement the analysis of their internal data with selected publicly available omics data. However, finding the relevant studies, curating them and integrating them into your analysis workflow is a major challenge,” NEBION’s CEO Philip Zimmermann said in a statement. “We are excited to work with Genestack towards making high quality and deeply curated public data instantly accessible to researchers for more effective target and biomarker discovery and validation.”

“Problems accessing and integrating quality data from multiple sources are key barriers to the adoption of AI and machine learning by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry,” added Misha Kapushesky, Genestack’s CEO. “Today, by combining Genestack’s data infrastructure expertise with NEBION’s curation and processing abilities, we are a step closer to eliminating such barriers and empowering users through data FAIRification.“

Genestack brings together bioinformatics and software development expertise to provide customers with data and metadata management solutions. Off-the-shelf modules and custom solutions are designed for clients in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, biotechnology and healthcare industries. Genestack helps R&D organisations maximise the return on investment into data production. Learn more about Omics Data Manager and sign-up for a 30-day free trial >

NEBION leverages learning from the transcriptome in drug development and diagnostics. Compendia of selected high quality public data are made analysis-ready for various data mining and AI applications. The Nebion biocuration includes a rigorous process of quality control, re-annotation by domain experts using controlled vocabularies, metadata enrichment, error correction, and statistical data normalization. More about NEBION can be found at

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