Curated Datasets

Curated Datasets

Find high-quality analysis-ready data from your research area

Since more than 10 years, Nebion has manually curated high-quality public gene expression data from different research areas. Controlled vocabularies, peer-reviewing by domain experts, stringent quality controls and reliable normalization algorithms were key for the development of robust curation pipelines. Data selection has always been in collaboration with our clients from the biopharma and plant research community.

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Data for biopharma research

Nebion’s biopharma data collection features public gene expression data from early stage to clinical research in a wide spectrum of different diseases. The majority of data is from human and mouse, however, other model organisms including the rat, monkey, dog and pig are also found. Read more

Data for plant research

Nebion’s plant data collection is the largest compendium of curated public transcriptomic data in plant research. It comprises datasets from more than ten crops and model plants including wheat, maize and tomato. Read more