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Overview of Curated Datasets

Find high-quality and analysis-ready data from your research area

Finding public -omics studies relevant for your research is complicated and time-consuming, let alone curating it and making it ready for data analysis. NEBION helps you identify relevant public transcriptomic data, quality controls them, curates and annotates experimental details, and makes them available to you in an analysis-ready form.

Besides helping you with your custom requests, NEBION has created the world’s largest compendium of deeply curated transcriptomic data covering a wide range of different research/therapeutic areas. The use of controlled vocabularies, stringent quality control, peer-reviewing by domain experts, and reliable normalization for global analysis characterize our curated data. The data constitute an indispensible resource for researchers in pharma, biotech and academia.

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Data for biopharma research

NEBION offers collections of public bulk-tissue gene expression data (RNA-Seq and microarray) and single-cell RNA-Seq data for a wide spectrum of different diseases. The majority of data are from human and mouse; however, some collections include data from other model organisms such as the rat, monkey, dog, pig and fruitfly. Read more about our collections for:

  1. bulk tissue gene expression data
  2. single-cell RNA-Seq data

Data for agrobiotech research

NEBION offers the largest compendium of curated public transcriptomic data (RNA-Seq and microarray) from plants. It comprises datasets from more than ten crops and model plants including wheat, maize and tomato. Read more