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Single-cell data for Biopharma

Explore analysis-ready single-cell RNA-Seq data from your research area

NEBION has curated high-quality public single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) studies from a wide spectrum of different research areas of biopharmaceutical research. In line with the curation of bulk-tissue data, the curation of scRNA-seq data is characterized by the use of controlled vocabularies, peer-reviewing by domain experts and stringent quality control. In addition, state-of-the-art methods for cell clustering, batch effect removal and cell-type identification and annotation were applied to provide researchers with consistent and analysis-ready data compendia.

Compendia consist of human and mouse scRNA-Seq data and are available in different data formats to be explored with your prefered analysis tools.

For more information about how to analyze scRNA-Seq data with NEBION’s software solution GENEVESTIGATOR® please visit the scRNA-Seq section on the GENEVESTIGATOR® homepage.

Get inspired by some key applications for curated scRNA-Seq gene expression data:

  1. Obtain high-resolution views of single-cell heterogeneity on a global scale
  2. Reveal complex and rare cell populations
  3. Track the trajectories of distinct cell lineages in development or in response to stimuli
  4. Uncover regulatory relationships on the cell-type level for improved target discovery
  5. Identify cell-type specific disease associations for biomarker development
  6. Unbiased data-driven decision making

Contact us at to learn more about the curated compendia of public data from your research area. See also an overview of our single-cell offerings here.