Expert services by NEBION

Analysis Services

Benefit from the expertise of our skilled biologists and bioinformaticians.

With experience across a broad range of research domains, technologies and methods, we help solving your challenging research questions. Whether for a short project or a long-lasting collaboration ― we look forward to discussing your ideas and sharing our knowledge with you.

Typical projects we engage in:

  1. Analysis and interpretation of transcriptomic datasets (bulk-tissue and single-cell RNA-Seq) at any stage of research
  2. Predictive modelling linking gene expression profiles with diseases or clinical outcomes
  3. Consulting in the establishment of robust processing pipelines
  4. Development of customized software tools
  5. Buidling cell-type references for single-cell RNA-Seq data analysis

Do you have other types of projects where our expertise could come in handy? Write us via the contact form on this page.

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